Drum Video


Here you can watch some of my drum videos with different bands.

d'Anthes - Рутина

Year 2017

Freestyle drum improvisation

Year 2017

Galutva, Davidyants, Topchiy - Crash course (cover)

Year 2007

Reign The Absolute - Last Performance (Black Fest)

Year 2009

Vladimir Dimov Group - Gently Smell (live)

Year 2013

0.5 - Китайские сигары

Year 2005 (picture+audio)

Vladimir Dimov Group - East Coast (live)

Year 2013

Reign The Absolute - Lion (live in Ikra)

Year 2009

Buhta Radosti - Кто мы есть?

Year 2003

Z.E.T.T.A. - Любовь по лимиту (LIVE)

Year 2010

P.S.: Also check my piano video.