Short bio

Hi! My name is Mikhail Galutva. I've studied music since I was born. My father is a composer and my mother is a singer, so music sounded in our house all the time and I immediately developed a big interest in it. When I was four years old I began playing the piano and enrolled in a preparatory course of Gnesin Music School. At the age of six I went to the first class of Gnesin Music School and began my professional education as a pianist.

When I was eleven I started listening to rock and metal (little later I started listening to jazz) and at the age of fourteen I decided to master a new musical instrument – drum kit. Although I was not particularly young to begin studying such a difficult instrument like a drum kit, in a short time I achieved great success in developing my drum skills, because I had a necessary base of music knowledge that was given me by my piano education. I studied drum kit on my own and in parallel I continued to practice as a pianist.

I graduated Gnesin Music School in 2002 as a classic pianist and got my first diploma in musical performing and pedagogy. Then I entered Gnesin Music Academy, however, not as a pianist, but as a jazz drummer. Gnesin Music Academy gave me valuable skills and knowledge. I practiced a lot and played with other students. Alongside with that I worked with many different bands and played music of different styles. I played rock, funk, fusion and pop music and performed with:

  • Buhta Radosti
  • Jazz sextet (conducted by A.Oseichuk)
  • 0.5
  • Felix Lahuti & Funky land
  • Yulia Savicheva
  • Zhanna Friske
  • Z.E.T.T.A.
  • Rustem Sultanov
  • Joga
  • Petr Nalich
  • Mango-Mango
  • Lina Milovich
  • Anton Davidyants
  • Reign the absolute
  • Mariya
  • and many more

I graduated Gnesin Music Academy in 2007 as a jazz-rock drummer and got my second diploma in music and pedagogy. Now I still continue playing concerts with many bands in different styles.