Mike Galutva

Mike Galutva is a drummer with perfect pitch and a piano background. After finishing the Gnesin School with a piano diploma, he graduated from the Gnesin Academy of Music with a degree in percussion and now plays rock, pop, jazz, funk and metal.

Mike has performed with Buhta Radosti, 0.5, Felix Lahuti & Funky Land, Yulia Savicheva, Zhanna Friske, Z.E.T.T.A., Joga, Petr Nalich, Mango-Mango, Lina Milovich, Anton Davidyants, Reign the Absolute, Mariya and other artists.

Starting 2000, Mike has been busy working on a table game under the banner of VTNL, calling the game the "main work" of his life. Currently residing in a forest some dozen miles from Moscow, Mike is also a huge fan of Liverpool FC!